In Conclusion

I gave it three weeks of rest before calling it a day. My range of motion steadily improved but it was still painful to put my pack on and wear it for more than 5 minutes at a time. I looked into getting a pack animal, considered buying or building a cart, giving it more time and then hiking south from the Canadian border, but in the end, the most prudent thing seemed to give it a rest and to focus on my gratitude for all the wonder filled experiences of the past 5 months.

Britt and I celebrated our last days together at the ironically named “Cape Disappointment,” and then parted ways at the Vancouver Amtrak Station.

I don’t know when I will see her again, but the love we shared will echo throughout the rest of my life and my gratitude and love for her, I sense, may never cease.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, it has brought me much joy to share its unfolding and I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Thank you for every prayer, comment, and message, for every package of food, ride into town, monetary donation and shelter from the storm. I couldn’t have done it without YOU.

I am in awe of how this experience has brought me closer to people from all stages of my life and feel more deeply connected to my communities in Iowa, Vermont, and North Carolina.

I have ideas and hopes for future wanderings but for now will be focusing my energy at the group homes I’ve served for the past 4 years and saving my pennies for the next adventure.

With all the love in my gratefully beating heart,

Your Happy Wanderer

ā¤ Will


7 thoughts on “In Conclusion

  1. Thank you again Will for taking us on this journey with you for the last several months. Your videos and blog were so much fun to follow. We are so proud of your accomplishments. Hugs and love, Auntie Joy and Uncle Dan XO


  2. Nice work bro! Have been exteremly busy lately and have missed the injury post. An amazing journey to say the least! Glad you’re well, still upright and for the inspiration! Hopefully one of your many trails leads you back this way! Would love to hear of the journey first hand! Take care brother! Love from Southern Iowa!


  3. Thank you for taking this adventure. I realize each day I would look here to see what is next. I will miss reading this, the anticipation and excitement of each day of the journey. Fabulous pictures and a real life adventurer letting me vicariously travel with you. You are a hero to me, and have inspired me to walk each day, developing into a goal of hiking down into the Grand Canyon. Much love and gratitude. I love you. Uncle Bob.


  4. Will,Thank you for sharing! The spirit of your journey and the faith that you shared as you put so wonderfully into words on day 133 also gently guided my faith along the path of healing. I am very touched by your words of faith and am in awe and wonder of the trail humanity still will forge in the future. Your time was well spent.BlessingsNancy Ruby


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