Day 132 – Last Day Aboard the Nautilus

Over the course of my trip, I have slowly indulged in the famous French adventure novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 

Captain Nemo guided me through the seven seas, while I gently trod upon the soil.

But as Professor Arronax and his companions experienced loneliness and isolation while held captive, I discovered love and companionship as I willingly traversed the land.

Yet like my brothers below, the fate of my travels and its destination, depended upon forces outside my control.

At mid afternoon, I took a break from my audiobook to contemplate the horizon, catch up on my blog, and release what would be my final “Sunday Serenade.” 

I picked my pack back up and began hiking, but soon discovered a now familiar discomfort, that had slowly been intensifying over the past few days. 

I hiked on into the setting sun, completing the book an hour before sundown. It was an abrupt and unexpected ending, with Arronax and company being thrown overboard amidst a maelstrom and miraculously being rescued off the Norwegian coast. 

I listened to a few of Aesop’s fables during my last hour of hiking, and took particular interest in the story of the fox and the grapes.

I reached the south shore of Summit Lake as the sky completed its darkening, and was grateful to find Britt there with camp set up. 

I took off my pack off for what would be the last time and achingly laid down upon my sleeping pad while Britt prepared our last supper.

I did not know this would be my last night on the trail.

❤ Will


One thought on “Day 132 – Last Day Aboard the Nautilus

  1. I started reading your blog around the 22nd of September to my wife and watching your videos. We really enjoyed all the photos and following along in your journey and share in your agony of being unable to complete the trail. Thanks for the entertainment ……California Farmboy


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