Day 128 – Trail Magic from IOWA!!!

Well rested and my equipment restored, we packed up and headed back to the trail. 

Britt guided us as we drove along the Columbia River, soaking up a few destinations along the way.  

The Vista House is an observatory of sorts, built nearly 100 years ago. 

The inside was decorated with brass and marble, and the observation deck offered incredible views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Our next stop was Multnomah Falls. At 620 feet, it is the tallest waterfall in Oregon.

That's Britt and I on the bridge!
That’s Britt and I on the bridge!

It was quite a sight. 

Next, we reached the small trail town of Cascade Locks, gateway to the Bridge of the Gods. 

We drove across the bridge, saving our triumphant walk into Washington until after we complete our hike through Oregon. 

And then we set our sights for hungry hikers. We still had a bunch of fresh fruit, chocolate and butterscotch covered rice krispy bars, a boatload of individually packaged trail mixes, and some Starbucks Vias to give away and it didn’t take long to find a home for good portion of our food stash.

Mom helped spearhead the trail magic efforts and had expressed an interest in doing this ever since I shared how generous people had been to me on my first hike.  

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Tami, and friends Molly and Gordy Clark, also pitched in to help feed the mass of hungry hikers and the hikers were blown away by the offering. 

Thank you SO much Mom & Dad, Tami & Bob, and Molly & Gordy for generously supporting the PCT Class of 2015!!!

We said our goodbyes and headed back towards Crater Lake, stopping to rest at a hotel for our last night together.

❤ Will


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